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The Mukwonago River watershed is home to over 50 species of fish including the threatened Longear Sunfish (Lepomis megalotis), several species of rare freshwater mussels, an incredible diversity of wetlands, and some of
Southeastern Wisconsin's highest water quality.

Formed in 1999 by Nancy Gloe and Ezra Meyer to mitigate some of the potential threats to the Mukwonago River watershed and its natural resources, primarily from development. Many partners, members and volunteers over the years have worked tirelessly on behalf of the River. We have had great success and have much more to do to protect this unique river. We continue to face the challenge of protecting the outstanding resources of the Mukwonago River in the face of land use pressure and other potential threats. Where development is to occur, practices exist for development design, stormwater management, and land and water conservation that will serve to help us meet these objectives. Where appropriate, public and private land preservation can play a key role in protecting the natural heritage of the Mukwonago River watershed for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Educating everyone about the incredible Mukwonago River will spread awareness of our great resource. With your help the Friends is positioned to address the threats to the watershed resources as they appear and grow the interest in it.

  • For a stream of this size, over 20 species would be considered quite diverse. Only much larger systems like the Wisconsin and the Mississippi have comparable levels of fish diversity.

  • It is the only stream in Wisconsin where this occurs.

  • This is the only stream in the state where this occurs.

Our Mission

To protect the Mukwonago River and its associated watershed ecosystems by way of education, advocacy, and promotion of sound land use throughout the watershed.
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Our Watershed Accomplishments

Our accomplishments have been possible because of the great people who have supported the organization in many capacities throughout the years. We have done some great things with you, our members, donors and volunteers. Thank you for all that we have accomplished. Click the image above to see the timeline.

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Board of Directors

Three board members retired recently to pursue other activities. We thank Ed Olson, Gina Howden and Dick Jenks for their valuable contributions. Please contact us if becoming a board member might be a good fit for you with Friends. Click the image above to meet our Board.

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Join a Committee

We have commmittees responsible for the direction of our watershed protection efforts as well as to ensure the ongoing success of our organization. Click the image above to see the complete list.

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Our Strategic Plan and Other Documentation

Click the image above to see our Strategic Plan, promotional materials, watershed maps and more.

Our Team in the Watershed

Learn More about Our Partners, Our Sponsors, Local Municipalities, and the Lake, Land and Water Organizations that help make our vision possible. See the full list.