May 20, 2012


Executive Committee:  Purpose: Ensure board leadership

  • Oversee board operations, committees, and risk management.
  • Act on behalf of board for on-demand activities and emergencies.
  • Evaluation/hiring/supervision of Executive Director.
  • Review committee goals and perform committee oversight.
  • Oversee long term organizational vision and implementation of Strategic Plan.
  • Board Development including board member recruitment, training and plan.

Finance Committee: Purpose: Ensure organizational financial controls

  • Review project/grant budgets prepared by staff, to help develop appropriate procedures for budget preparation, and to ensure consistency between the budget and the organization’s plans.
  • Support annual organizational budgeting process each fall/winter.
  • Report to the board any financial irregularities, concerns, opportunities.
  • Recommend financial guidelines to the board, establish a reserve fund or to obtain a line of credit.
  • Work with staff to design financial reports and ensure that reports are accurate and timely.
  • Oversee short and long-term investments, unless there is a separate investments committee.
  • Recommend selection of the auditor and work with the auditor, unless there is a separate audit committee.
  • Advise the executive director and other appropriate staff on financial priorities and information systems.
  • Oversee any purchase of financial software or tools.
  • Support finance goals of the strategic plan.

Fundraising Committee:  Purpose: Oversee organizational fundraising

  • Work with staff to establish a fundraising plan that incorporates appropriate vehicles,  special events, direct mail, product sales, etc.
  • Work with staff and volunteers to create annual campaign process.
  • Work with staff to identify and solicit funds from external sources  including individual donors, corporate donors and organizational partners.
  • Create and lead endowment planning effort.
  • Take the lead in certain outreach efforts, such as chairing a dinner/dance committee or hosting fundraising parties.
  • Responsible for involvement of  board members in fundraising, such as making telephone calls and contact to ask for support.
  • Monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.
  • Support financial development goals of the strategic plan.

Educational Committee:  Purpose: Oversee educational activities, membership outreach program and volunteer program

  • Work with staff to oversee educational activities for membership and community including but not limited to:
    • Camp partnership program
    • Business Best Practices
    • Building Professional (architects, contractors, etc) Outreach
    • Annual Training Activities (i.e. Project Wet, Burns, Invasives, etc)
    • Water Testing Program
    • Waters Edge Demonstrations.
  • Evaluate educational activities and report out annually.
  • Prioritize and oversee long term organizational educational goals that support.
  • Organize volunteer program including volunteer recruitment, training, retention and recognition.
  • Support educational goals of the strategic plan.

Watershed Protection & Restoration Committee:  Purpose: Oversee watershed protection, research and program and project priorities

  • Ensure organizational presence and talking points at key advocacy events.
  • Oversee organizational watershed protection and preservation plan.
  • Prioritize watershed programs and projects according to SEWRPC and other regional plans.
  • Ensure membership is aware of opportunities for watershed advocacy and has tools to participate.
  • Create good working relationships with local watershed partners to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of overall watershed health.
  • Represent the organization in the community.
  • Engage additional scientific and academic partners.
  • Support the advocacy and scientific research goals of the strategic plan.

Public Relations/Communication Committee:  Purpose: Ensure organizational visibility and membership participation through an effective communication plan

  • Create and oversee consistent organizational messaging and branding.
  • Assist staff with communication tools (press releases, brochures, displays, newsletters).
  • Work with staff to create PR Tool Box, Speakers Bureau and training.
  • Oversee organizational presentations throughout local and regional community.
  • Work with staff to oversee membership and general communication plan (e-blasts, website, Facebook).
  • Review and evaluate organizational communication effectiveness annually.
  • Support the communication goals of the strategic plan.

Board Development Committee :  Purpose: Ensure effective board processes, structure, roles and leadership succession

  • Prepare priorities for board composition.
  • Support the board development goals of the strategic plan.
  • Meet with prospective board members and recommend candidates to the board.
  • Recommend a slate of officers to the board.
  • Conduct orientation sessions for new board members, organize training sessions for entire board, and suggest new, non-board individuals for committee membership.