December 9, 2009

Current Projects

Annual Events

  • Annual Watershed Pancake Breakfast with Lake Beulah partners.
  • Annual Watershed Awareness Weekend Event.
  • Adopt a Highway bi-annual cleanup along County Highway LO.
  • Cleanup at Lulu Lake picnic site with TNC and Eagle Spring Lake Management District.
  • Hikes and paddles in the watershed to you to explore the river environs.

Protection and Restoration

  • Jericho Creek headwater protection and creek restoration
  • Restoration of habitat for self-reproducing wild Brook Trout population on Jericho Creek.
  • Trout habitat improvements throughout the river.
  • River cleanup activities on the Jericho Creek.
  • John Lyons annual fish surveys of the Mukwonago River and Jericho Creek.


  • Input with others on the approved Master plan for Mukwonago River Unit/Lake Lulu SNA -KMSF.
  • Assist with implementation of the SEWRPC Mukwonago River Protection Plan
  • Permanent conservation of key watershed parcels whose development could be harmful. TNC, WCLC have recent purchases in the watershed to protect the rivver and its resources.
  • Fostering citizen involvement in local comprehensive land use planning.
  • Community education/outreach on the value of the Mukwonago River.
  • Work with decision-makers and developers to foster sound land-use decision-making and river-friendly development where it is appropriate.
  • Watershed awareness and education programs to youth, riparian owners, municipal leaders, and recreational users in the watershed.


  • WDNR Aquatic Invasives Species Control Grant for corbicula fluminea.
  • WDNR Forest Weed Management Grant. We have successfully completed two grants with our landowners.
  • Grant applications with local river support organizations.


  • Strategic planning and action plans for the Friends’ organization.
  • Case Statement for fundraising efforts, short and long term.
  • Work for and with our Sponsors.
  • Turtle crossing signs and awareness program.
  • Partner with local youth camps to educate and create fun projects.
  • Partner with local lake districts to educate about watershed