Roadside Invasive Plant Mapping

Volunteers stalking invasives in an eight county area.

Several members of the Friends are doing this roadside spotting and mapping of four invasive plants for the Southeast Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium for the second year. The four plants this year are teasel, japanese knotweed, phragmites, and new this year, wild parsnip.

Learn them, watch out for their deleterious effects, pull or dig them out, bag their seeds, and rid your property of them, if possible.  They are very aggressive and will take over an area very quickly.  Mowing before they seed out is good, after enhances the spread of seed.  Look them up in this WIDNR Invasives resource.

Thank you for helping minimize the destructiveness of these invasive plants, and keep our natural areas healthy with native plants.  The Mukwonago River watershed appreciates your help.

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