Powerful science based 2009 resolutions for our government to protect its people

How are we doing?

Union of Concerned Scientists’ Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Defend Americans from unsafe drugs, toys and other products by requiring that federal agency leaders protect employees who blow the whistle when science is misused.

2. Allow the public access to tremendous scientific resources by letting government scientists tell us what they know.

3. Protect the air we breathe by obeying the law and setting air pollution standards based on science.

4. Restore our faith in government by providing more information to the public about how science-based policy decisions are made.

5. Use science to conserve our natural heritage for future generations.

6. Collect enough information to give us flexibility to meet future challenges and keep tabs on current problems.

7. Hold your administration accountable to high scientific integrity standards.

8. Keep politics out of science by reining in the power of the White House to tamper with purely scientific analyses.

9. Safeguard our health by putting the Environmental Protection Agency back in charge of evaluating the potential dangers of chemicals without interference from other agencies.

10. Protect us by shining a bright light on all agency meetings held with special interests so we can understand their influence.

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