Mukwonago River a Hidden Ecological Gem

Thank you to Craig Helker for this story  about the Mukwonago River in the  December Bay View Compass.  Craig is a water resources biologist for the Wisconsin Department of Resources.

Tom Slawski, SEWRPC, principal author of the Mukwonago River Watershed Protection Plan, enumerates why the Mukwonago has remained so pristine, “There are limited numbers of road crossings, large tracts of continuous lands.  For whatever reason, its river corridor is mostly intact. It is diverse in its gradients and river bottom substrates. And it is groundwater-fed.”

According to John Lyons, research biologist with WDNR, “The Mukwonago River is one of the finest rivers in the state, and the Midwest.”

H20 Dec 2010

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