Hike the TNC Meyer Nature Preserve

Tomorrow, March 29.

Hike the Meyer Nature Preserve 11:00am-1 p.m. (Jerry Ziegler, Nature Conservancy)

Directions: The preserve is located at S104-W38319 Highway 67, about 2.5 miles southwest of Eagle. The entry drive is one mile southwest of the intersection of Highway 67 and Highway LO.

A picturesque combination of woodlands, restored prairies and wetlands, this 652-acre preserve is a primary headwaters for the Mukwonago River.  There are 3 miles of hiking trails on the preserve and we will explore the varied ecosystems that these trails pass through as we learn about the work that has been done by The Nature Conservancy to protect this crucial uplands habitat that helps to preserve the health of the Mukwonago River