Asian clams discovered in the Mukwonago River

WDNR mussel expert Lisie Kitchel reports that Asian clams have been seen in the Mukwonago River.

The River Alliance has an Asian clam factsheet (  and has conducted a literature review (  that can be found in the Lower Wisconsin River Basin Strategic Plan.

Laura McFarland, Invasive Species Project Coordinator, River Alliance of Wisconsin states,” It is my understanding is that this is the first confirmed report of Asian clams in inland waters of southeast Wisconsin.  In fact it is has only been reported in two other places in the state (St. Croix River in 1977 and the Fox  River more recently).  ”

Given the already present zebra mussel and now the Asian clam, it is pertinent that we stress the importance of containing these invasives to the Mukwonago system. We would hate to see Asian clams spread to other rivers and lakes in the region.  Please take a few minutes after your paddle to discuss prevention measures to not spread this invasive.   Be sure that all paddlers check, clean and dry their equipment before visiting another water.

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