October in the Mukwonago River Watershed

We have begun seeing our spectacular fall colors the past few weeks. Reds and oranges abound with our wet weather green holding fast

Fall has finally arrived and local landowners are removing boats, piers and lifts, raking leaves, readying for fall prairie and woodland burns to rid their property of invasives, getting in wood supplies, and storing garden bounty for the winter which will arrive.

Friends of the Mukwonago River are assessing the watershed after a warm summer, and very wet and warm early fall. Terrestrial invasives have loved our weather, as have our great native and garden plants. Because of that, be on the lookout for oriental bittersweet gone rampant, teasel setting seed for next year, prolific and dangerous wild parsnip. Purple loosestrife had a very happy summer on the Phantom Lakes and elsewhere, even though galarucella beetles have been doing their work.

You can help eliminate these bad plants by being aware of them on your land and on the roadsides and learning the methods to remove them. The landowners who have participated in our Forest Weed Grant have been working to eliminate the invasives on their land  under the second round of funding.

We hope many of you canoed and kayaked the river, hiked the public accessible spaces owned by WDNR and our favorite local land trusts, and used the watershed to your advantage. It is a spectacular river system and yours to enjoy,

We heard from one group of paddlers how difficult or impossible it becomes later in the summer to paddle from Marsh Road to County Highway I because the wild rice beds make navigation difficult. Please consider this before you head out through that part of the river system. It becomes difficult when the wild rice gets too high and too thick and the river channel becomes obstructed.  Be very careful and use caution in that section of the river.

It is the time of year to think about Friends in your annual giving to help us protect this pristine environment and work to enhance the lands within the watershed. Please Donate and support our mission in the watershed.

Volunteers are always welcome.