My Healthy Woods

Aldo Leopold Center booklet for managing woods.  Attention to oak species is particularly important in Southwest Wisconsin. The same is true for Southeast Wisconsin and our Mukwonago River watershed.

“Oak savannas are defined by having scattered oak trees that are “opengrown”(broad spreading branches). There is typically a lot of sunlight that reaches the ground (50 percent or more). The flowers and shrubs growing beneath these open-grown trees can be unique to this level of partial shade. ”

“Tall anemone, shooting star, woodland boneset, late horse gentian, leadplant, and little bluestem.  Brown thrasher, red-headed woodpecker, field sparrow, Blanding’s turtle, bullsnake, northern prairie skink, ornate box turtle, prairie racerunner, prairie ringneck snake, timber rattlesnake,  Franklin’s ground squirrel, and woodland vole all make their homes in savannas.”

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