Friends Awarded $60,000 AIS Grant

Friends of the Mukwonago River is pleased to announce that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has accepted its proposal for an Aquatic Invasive Species Control grant.

For 15 years Friends has worked to preserve and protect the Mukwonago River and the surrounding watershed; a river system that is widely recognized as having some of the highest levels of plant and animal diversity in all of Southeastern Wisconsin, including nearly 80 state-listed threatened and endangered species. Aquatic Invasive Species Control grants are targeted at providing support to local communities to combat non-native species of plants and animals that have been introduced into aquatic ecosystems and are negatively affecting native species.

The discovery of Asian clams (Corbicula fluminea) in Lulu Lake last fall raised special concerns for the DNR and Friends. While Asian clams have been found in Lake Michigan for many years, this invasive species has only recently started showing up in inland waterways in Wisconsin and poses a threat to native clams (the Mukwonago River is home to 15 species of native clams including several endangered or threatened species) and minnows through aggressive growth and by altering the food chain that other species rely upon.

Over the next 2 years, Friends will be working with the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha, Carroll University, Natures Classroom Institute, YMCA Camp Edwards, Timber-Lee, the Village and Town of Mukwonago, The Nature Conservancy, the Eagle Springs and Phantom Lakes Management Districts, the Wisconsin DNR and others to implement the grant. At approximaterly $60,000, the grant will fund the recruiting and training of citizen monitors who will help to document the presence of native and invasive species across the watershed, research and removal of Asian clams by our university partners and education for land owners, municipal officials and staff, businesses and residents of the watershed.

Friends would like to thank all of the entities who have supported our effort to bring this grant to our community and who will be key to our success in continuing to preserve the Mukwonago River Watershed.  Anyone interested in becoming citizen monitor can contact Friends at