Friends’ 2012 Newsletter

The Friends’ 2012 Newsletter with our 2012 events and accomplishments is available under Newsletters here.  We are now entering our 14th year and have much exciting work ahead in 2013.  Two grants to complete, a new Watershed Coordinator for the next phase of our growth, master planning at the Mukwonago River Unit and Lulu Lake, and much more is on our plate.

Your continued support is necessary for the Friends to continue doing its good work for the watershed. Please support us with your membership and a larger donation if you can.  We appreciate all you help volunteering as well.  Anyone with communication or public relations skills would be a welcome addition to our  Communications committee.

Our work is volunteer and member/donor supported.  We need your help.  We appreciate your help and look forward to working with you in 2013. Thank you.

Canon 1st Qtr 397